Exotic Voices (World/Folk/Original)

The FreePlay Duo takes you on a trip around the world… without leaving your seat. Enjoy music from India, South America, Celtic classics and folk music from our own backyard. Experience new Canadian music with original compositions by Suba and Dylan.


Dylan and Suba’s wide musical experience, Suba’s bi-cultural upbringing, and their insatiable musical curiosity form the basis of this show. Dylan and Suba are both internationally-recognized composers, with Dora, CARA, and John Lennon International Songwriting awards to their credit, and delight in sharing their music along with the music of the world.

Brazilian – One Note Samba

Folk- Tell No Lies (D. Bell) {audio}Tell No Lies.mp3{/audio}

Latin – Para Seguir (S. Sankaran) {audio}Para Seguir.mp3{/audio}

Indian – Vara Sapta Swara (S. Sankaran)                      {audio}Vara Sapta Swara.mp3{/audio}

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