… takes you from the concert halls of Europe, to the jazz clubs of Manhattan, to the temples of India, all without you leaving your seat.

Using nothing but their voices and innovative live-looping techniques, genre-bending FreePlay effortlessly moves from Bach to Bird to the Beatles to Brazil to Bollywood… all a cappella. Note that all videos are 100% live as we perform them onstage: no overdubs, no editing, and no autotune!

An Indo-pyschedelic take on the Beatles classic. Live-looping with no overdubs.
Sting’s jazz-pop masterpiece, live-looping style!
Paul Simon by way of South Indian rhythm. Live at the Real Festival, Stockholm.
Jazzed-up classical music with Edvard Grieg
A moving re-imagining of Colin Hay’s Aussie-rock hit
Nothing says “Springtime” like a classic rock ‘n’ roll song about a bird!