“It’s like magic!”
“I couldn’t believe my ears”
“An orchestra with just two voices…”
“How do you do it?”

The “A Cappella” part means that every sound you hear, from drum solos to symphonic strings to wailing guitar, is done solely with the human voice, no instruments at all. And “live-looping” is what allows us turn our two voices into twenty… no backing tracks, all 100% live. Simply put, we use a “loopstation” to record our voices while performing, and then layer those vocal parts to add more and more voices to the sound. When done at a virtuosic level, beautiful and complex vocal arrangements unfold before your ears: audiences describe it as “magic.”

It truly needs to be heard to be believed… so watch as we demonstrate how to make two voices into a multi-voiced arrangement with our innovative live-looping technology. Performed live in one take as we do onstage: no edits, backing tracks, or autotuning.