Dylan and Suba first met as choir directors at York University, and continue to direct and give masterclasses throughout the world. A small sample of workshop topics includes:

Vocal/Choral Workshops

  • Choral and individual vocal technique
  • Vocal percussion and rhythm workshops
  • Improvisation: scat singing, group improvisation
  • Repertoire, both existing and new songs taught “by rote”
  • World-music instruction

Instrumental Workshops

  • jazz ensembles: big-band and small combo
  • instruction on piano, voice, bass, guitar, drums
  • brass and woodwind: breathing and improvisation

This wide variety has made the FreePlay Duo a favourite with music camps, academies, and community
ensembles. Individually and collectively, Dylan and Suba have taught in venues and locations such as:

  • Brhaddhvani Institute, India
  • International Association of Jazz Educators
  • Masterclasses in Germany, Switzerland, Holland and Austria
  • Yukon Summer Music Camp
  • University of Toronto
  • York University
  • Humber College
  • SoJAM, East Coast A Cappella Summit and other a cappella festivals

Workshops and Concert Combination

Perhaps the most popular format, Dylan and Suba will often give a workshop to a choral ensemble, followed by a double-bill public concert hosted by the ensemble. A final concert is not only a great way to try out new techniques: it’s also a chance to sing together, as the Duo will also include new repertoire for a “shared finale” with the choir.