The flagship of the FreePlay Duo lineup, this program takes you to the concert halls of Europe, to the jazz clubs
 of Manhattan, to the temples
 of India, and back to the cultural mosaic of Canada… all without leaving your seat.
From Bach to the Beatles, from Miles Davis to Paul Simon, there’s something for everyone in this exciting and
varied program.

Both vocalists and multi-instrumentalists, Dylan and Suba can create a sonic and stylistic palette that reaches far beyond the confines associated with a duo. Instrumentation includes piano, bass, guitar, percussion, and of course
two voices and vocal drumming.

The Duo’s years of performance experience allow them to transcend musical genres, while careful attention to programming allow the listener to experience a wide variety of music, never losing the unique sound that is the FreePlay Duo.

  • Classical
    Prelude #9
    (J.S. Bach)                                     {audio}Prelude 9.mp3{/audio}
  • Jazz
    I Thought About You
    (J. Van Heusen)             {audio}I Thought About You.mp3{/audio}


  • R+B/Soul
    Hit The Road, Jack
    (Ray Charles)                    {audio}Hit The Road Jack.mp3{/audio}
  • Folk
    Tell No Lies
    (D. Bell)                                      {audio}Tell No Lies.mp3{/audio}
  • Latin
    Para Seguir (S. Sankaran)                               {audio}Para Seguir.mp3{/audio}
  • Indian
    Vara Sapta Swara (S. Sankaran)                      {audio}Vara Sapta Swara.mp3{/audio}


Goodbye, Pork Pie Hat (C. Mingus/J. Mitchell)

Live at the Stockholm International Jazz Festival, July 2007

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